Cycling in the air, with the setting of the heat…

After Monday’s particularly ferocious thunderstorm, in which tons and tons of debris and cars were collected from the valleys, the air has cooled considerably, and the new ‘seasonal’ aroma is in the air. And with the cooling of the daytime temperatures, from 38-39 Celsius to 29-30, comes the realisation that the cycling season is upon us. Every year at this time, from September onwards, my butt is itching to lay itself on my bike’s saddle.

Having a rest at Chadwick Lakes.

Truth be told, cycling has become more difficult to enjoy here in Malta. Traffic has increased with savage rapidity, and it is a brave man who dares to brave the main roads during the rush hour. Drivers barely have respect for each other, let alone cyclists. Constant pleas to increase bicycle lanes is also falling on deaf ears… and this is not saying anything about the incredibly bad state of roads.

But in the early afternoon, a simple bike ride in the coolness of the air is simply magic. These days then set me back to dreaming about my dream bike, something that would suit me just fine. Not too flasy, a bit of a retro image, actually.

This week I will restart working on my Raleigh Chiltern, sanding it until it smooths out and I’ll be able to spray it. I will probably go for a black finish seeing that it is the easiest to get right. Then probably white or gold decals to finish off the job….

I can’t wait to get it ready in time for October….

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