A great week…

It has been a great week, this one, just about to pass into history. The weather has been absolutely splendid everyday, and while not a fan of the heat, this winter has really bugged me. I am still to overcome a sordid little cough that surfaces every day without fail.

However, the weather is not the excessive heat we uh… ‘enjoy’ in summer, but a rather warm wave that leaves your joints just…. warm…

I had agreed with the wife that if I was not too panicked at work, and the weather would conspire, I would take a day off on leave and we would go biking somewhere. I have a secret here… I have been a closet bicycle fan since day 1, and I have always had a bicycle, a vehicle which has always given man such freedom.

Due to her upbringing by two dodos, my wife never had this pleasure, until a couple of years back I took it upon myself to teach her, despite her protests. In the end it turned out to be an easy thing, and she took to the bicycle like a duck takes to water.

She remarked that she finally understood what i meant by ‘freedom’… your first wheels… maybe not a car, but still, good enough to get you around… and boy, did it get ME around! I have forgotten the number of scrapes and crashes I got into.

But I digress… Wednesday, following a Tuesday that was absolutely chock-full of paperwork, I had this day off, and after loading the bicycles into my little Daihatsu, set off to Ta Qali.

Now I don’t want to make this a political issue, but since the Nationalists have been in power, our country has improved its image drastically.. and so it was with Ta Qali. This has been transformed from a simple WW2 runway into a beautiful all-round family park. 

Ok, so we started cycling around the huge outskirts…and we did that twice, but not before stopping for half an hour each time at the outdoor gym, which is really cool.

Following these 12 kilometres, we decided to bike down to Chadwick Lakes, where it was absolutely splendid. A light breeze made the day bearable, as once we were in the deepest parts of the valley, the sun was blazing. 

We stopped at a convenient place to park the bikes and have a good old ‘ftira-biz-zejt’, my speciality, followed by two bottles of still iced kinnie…. mmmmmm

The going was tough especially way inwards tpwards Rabat, and finally, we tired out… Back down it was a real easy coast, although I really let the Giant ATX900 roar into action down the steep hills… it was so exhilirating and scary at the same time…

Finally we headed back to Ta Qali, and a very welcome capuccino at the Playpark. Heading back home, we really hit the traffic since it was 2.30pm, and time for the schoolkids to be released from their private hell…err….school…

Thursday was another busy day at work, but thankfully sunny, so when I arrived home, it was off for another brisk walk around Santa Lucija…only 3kilometres, but still, every little bit helps.

Friday I took the bike to work again, although in all honesty, I need more conditioning as the constant rise on the ride back home made me pant like a dog!

Saturday was interesting since I needed to do some DIY at home, and it all started with removing the green sun shade from the iron frame on the roof… I will have to come up with something new this year… something that I can put on and take off at will… hmm… difficult that!

Later on it was a struggle to hook up my HD Satellite receiver, and it took me a good hour of huffing and puffing…

Finally I settled with my elder daughter Rachel to watch the second movie in the ‘Millenium’ trilogy, namely, The Girl Who Played With Fire.. I had just received the BluRay set from play on Thursday, and it was a pretty tense affair…

And now? Now I am waiting for Juve to clash against Chievo!

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