Useless priests!

This morning I had the luck, or should I say ‘misfortune’ to read another rambling bunch of tripe from a certain bishop… talking about how family values will diminish in the coming twenty years.

And it strikes me as funny to read that somebody who was never married, had to live day in day out with his wife, and sometimes by default, her parents, can give us a homily about family.

How can somebody who has not had to struggle in life with ‘petty’ things such as the electricity bill, car license and insurance costs, school bus bills, or taking a step back at the supermarket due to lack of money, ever, EVER, tell us about family is beyond me.

To these people, family is a mum, dad, and kids! How about the single mothers who struggle daily to make ends meet, or the same-sex members who live and love together, isn’t that a family too? Why does the church continue with this idiocy? And why, in heck’s name, are these people still around?

Thank the stars nobody’s becoming a priest these days!

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