What are we teaching our kids at school?

Let me start by saying that I have absolutely no idea how a school curriculum is created, maintained or changed. And frankly, there was a time when I didn’t care at all. But with two kids, well, now teenagers, banging their heads against brick walls with their studies, I sometimes wonder whether this stress is all in vain.

I am actually writing this the day after my younger child just finished her homework at 11.30pm…. Yep…. Half an hour before midnight. I confess that there have been a few distractions here and there, but even so, finishing nearly at the witching hour can’t be good. So I naturally took a look at what subjects she is currently studying. It goes without saying that there is a lot. And a lot of it is simply shit. I mean, take this scenario. Rox wants to be a baker. She is mad about cakes, decorating, and sweets. I am absolutely positive she can more than hold her own with older girls and women with this regard. Her wonderful cakes, buns and cupcakes are a solid testament to the proof.

So naturally this brings me to my first question. Why are we filling up children’s heads with subjects that make no sense? What use are subjects such as Religion, Physics, Social Studies and Geography to a baker?

Even worse, what use is Art and Drawing to a baker who can hardly draw to save her life? We come from a long line of spectacularly unsuccessful painters. We simply cannot do it.

My other, elder, daughter Rachel, wants to be a German Language teacher. I admit freely that she is brilliant in the German Language, and it would not be amiss to hear her helping her GERMAN schoolmates with their homework. Yep. You heard right. Most Bavarians talk with an accent that is as far removed from Classical German as much as Siciliano is from Italian…ok… so at school she had to take another subject that she can alternatively teach. And that subject is religion. Now if there is anything in the world that I consider most futile and eventually senseless, it is religion.

I had voiced my thoughts initially upon selection of the subject, only to be told that I only loathed the subject because I am very sceptical of religions and gods. I tried to point out the fact that I only spoke thus because it is absolutely true. Who gives a flying fuck about religion these days? Where in hell’s name is it going to lead you unless you want to be a priest or a nun or something of that ilk. Utter garbage!

I’m sure that Mathematics and Physics are another useless burden on a language teacher. Adding insult to injury, my kids do not have an inkling on Maths. One is a brilliant linguist, the other is an exceptional cook and baker (and she’s only 14)…. and yet they might not reach their goals because of Physics and Maths…try to put those into the equation.

Like most students, I did my time at school and finished secondary with about 10 or 11 O-Levels… Since I was an electronics fan, I continued my studies at the Technical Institute…but I can’t remember diddly-squat of what I learned at school, because practically everything has changed! And in electronics!! What you know today is out-dated the next!

WHAT is required to jumpstart education on this island into the 21st century? When will the education department learn that it is easier and probably healthier to just let the students study what they really need or yearn after?

Unfortunately I have no answers to offer, except that I am so damned glad I am not at school anymore!

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