Why is it so effing hot?

Barely seven in the morning and I am already huffing and puffing. In this hellhole we call our country, summer lets loose with a vengeance as the mercury soars until it breaks the end of my thermometer. 29Celsius (erm…85F). And the humidity is draining my will to work. It is all I can do to drag my carcass off to work, where thankfully, all our areas are air-conditioned… until you decide that you simply HAVE to empty your bladder! Loo too hot? Don’t take a dump then…the seat might scald your arse…

Seriously though, it is too hot to be comfortable here. Granted, the seas are beautiful, and that is why maybe we have tourists, although at the level we manage to fleece them, it is no wonder we are being abandoned in favour of Spain…. cost of living is so expensive anyway, no need to pass on the heat to foreigners.

On with work….

Chris Grillo
AOI / Operations PCB Tech.

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