The big bad question…

As time goes by, the dreaded question for the Maltese population is always getting close. The question of course, is whether divorce should be introduced in Malta or not. There is no doubt that the church is absolutely dead-set against this scenario.

But for the Maltese in general, it is a question that is not to be taken lightly. The high and mighty pious say No No No… while those not quite taken to religion will be crying Yeah Finally.

I actually think it will be a very close-run affair with the Naysayers forgetting something. This is not about THEM getting a divorce, this is about couples who have finally had their run at this marriage thingy.

When it’s over, it’s over. No priest, social worker , or soothsayer can make something that is badly broken work again!

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot imagine myself getting divorced, but for couples who want another chance at building a family, it really is a lifesaver.

Now before the high and mighty jump on my bones, I would like to point out something that is so patently clear, that it befuddles my mind to see so many supposedly intelligent people falter at the hurdle.

Ok… here are two questions.

  • Can a Maltese couple obtain a legal divorce abroad?
  • Can they marry again?

To both questions, the answer is a resounding yes.

The Maltese courts, in line with so many other laws, has to recognise European law as binding. It is only so obvious. And yes, the same couple can then later marry civilly. I have two friends who remarried recently, and I can say that I have never seen both of them so happy and at peace with their life and their new spouses. (Although I will never forgive them for making me wear a monkey suit and shell out for another gift I could barely afford!)

So what, really, do these ‘NO’ people want? That they beat their breast and continue bleating that God does not want divorce. I’ve been beaten down that path lately…. (they should be ashamed!), by the same people who would be wise to remember that God was somebody who lived and let live. Dispensing his wisdom and love, but never FORCING anybody. If anything, he turned the other cheek when he was mocked.

I agree that the best way is for couples to NEVER take that road. I am all for marriage for life. For ever. But we have to see that some marriages fail, and badly. And it’s always the kids who suffer from these breakages, so really, things should never generate this badly.

So YOU prefer to see children live in a home where the strain and tension is overwhelming? Or would you rather the couple makes a fresh start apart from each other where the tension is far less? I know what I would prefer!

BUT, we are saying that the Maltese couple can obtain a divorce from abroad, so in reality, in actual, final, factuality…. it’s all about money.

If you’re rich you can get it, and if your poor, you’re stuck with it.


Isn’t that crazy? Because I happen to think it is.

And the craziest thing is that those incapable idiots we call politicians and elected to parliament decided to pass the buck to us…

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