End of days.

Unfortunately, despite being Friday, it doesn’t seem to be shaping up to be a good weekend. My grandmother, now 88, is nearing the end of a long battle to survive each day.

We all know that nobody lives forever, and it breaks my heart to see such a wonderful woman leave us. She has now had her last rites administered, and doctors are warning the family to expect bad news from time to time.

I don’t know about other grandmothers, (my kids certainly won’t be lucky with their horrible lot), but ‘Nanna Rit’, as everyone calls her, is a paragon of virtue, love, understanding and kindness.

Hopefully she can manage to ‘cling on’ to life so that I can see her one last time tonight… the doctors say that she is one tough cookie and doesn’t want to let go…

That’s Nanna Rit for you…

2 thoughts on “End of days.

  1. Hi Chris,I'm at work at the moment its 6:30 am and you have brouht a tear to my eye, its sad to read about my grandmother like this, but I'm glad that you are writing this info, because when i speak to mum I get a little confused with what she is telling us.Please give Nanna a big kiss & cuddle and tell her we trulley love her. Keep me posted please

  2. Hi Gary…yesterday and today she was real bad. She has so many bed-sores now that the nurses have had to put in cotton-wool between her toes.She also complained that there wasn't enough air coming in through the oxygen mask. Naturally it is because her lungs are slowly running down.It is just a matter of time I'm afraid. Steven has been absolutely magnificent with all the work he has surprisingly put in with her, and we are all amazed at his dedication.I can imagine your mum is also distraught. I don't want to sound unkind, but I think that it would be best if God took care of her.Every time I remember the months of holidays every year I spent with her, I am always saddened by the realization of such a magnificent woman leaving us….

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