It is NOT turning out to be a good week after all. About the only thing that can be said in its’ favour is the fact that I won’t be at work. But it will certainly not be enjoyable….au contraire.

The fact is that I have a rather harsh throat infection, meandering up to my ears. And it isn’t pleasant at all. Strangely enough I didn’t have anything yesterday, sure, I sneezed a couple of times, but not what you might make you think something’s coming up.

But this night was a torment. After returning home from band practice, I felt a bit out of sorts, but put it away to tiredness, since the medication bloody well kills me. I did not close an eye for more than ten minutes, and stayed awake watching the lightning show.

And now my worst fear. An infection. Something as innocuous as this can really endanger my health. I can only hope that my antibodies have started working a bit now. It has been four months now since the ‘deadly yellow’ pills have been stopped, so things should be ok.

But a little insurance never hurt anyone, so a quick call to hospital made sure that the medics knew of my condition. As always, I have full faith in my helpers!

I’m going to bed, maybe get some shut-eye.

1 thought on “Bah…ill

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