Bicycle races are coming your way.

Following a series of health problems, (thankfully now relatively under control) I have been given the all-green to start exercising again at a more hectic pace. I enjoy walking, but I wanted something a little bit more demanding. Running was out of the question due to the impact produced.

So, something that was non-impact and still quite productive.Having lately bought a bicycle for my youngest daughter, I asked her for a ride. It was nothing short of exhilirating. Ever since I was a toddler, until way past my teens, I had always relied on a bicycle to get me from point A to B. First with the classic Chopper, then on Raleigh Racers, they kept me fit. So I began looking around on the ‘net and in the shops for a decent bike. One that was sturdy enough to cope with my weight…but with a price tag that wasn’t too high!

Thankfully, the little monkey that pulls the strings in my brain, reminded me of Etienne. This guys rocks. National cycling champion for the last million years or so, I thought he might have a bike he would like to dispose of! I mean this guy collects bikes like I collect BBQ invitations!

So, a quick trip downstairs and after a long trek, (this guy lives next door! hehe) I asked him whether he had something for me. Unfortunately I realised that all the bikes in Etienne’s collections cost as much as a car! Well, several cars actually! No way I could purchase one of them.

The champ took me round a corner in his huge garage and asked me if I was interested in borrowing a bike that he had not used in years. There, under the dirt and grime, a bright yellow Giant ATX 990 Hybrid lay forlornly in the company of a red Cannondale MTB.

Since the Giant has front and rear suspension, it was just right for my broken back. Etienne duly serviced the bike and handed it to me quickly. And I am amazed at the quality of this beautiful machine! Needless to say, I have to be extra careful with this thing. It costs a hell of a LOT of money!

The 990 has a medium-sized frame with a high-ground clearance due to the long travel of the front fork, as well as the rear shock. Brakes that can stop the bike on a dime, and super-smooth gear changers, as well as beautifully machined parts adorn this beautiful giant. Following a series of short runs to acquaint myself with this monster, yesterday I took my Roxy for a series of laps at Sta.Lucia track. We managed a creditable 10km before finally succumbing to darkness and fatigue.

And now? Now I have aches and pains in muscles that I never knew existed! But they are happy pains…and my back? Nary a twinge.

My ass hurts though!

And Roxy is still sleeping away…aaah…the life of a student!

OH! ALWAYS wear a helmet on a bike. ALWAYS!

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