Unpleasant Incident.

At the moment I am little shaken. I have just had to call the emergency services to send an ambulance for a 13-14 year old girl who was clearly dead drunk, and trying to cut her arms open with a broken beer bottle. Along with other people in the garden, I did try to calm the girl down, without obviously even trying to touch her to remove the bottle from her hand. She managed to wound herself quite seriously I think, and I could feel nothing but pity for her.

There was nothing else to do except call for help. Fortunately somebody else had also seen her stagger down the middle of the road in her inebriated state and called the police.

One might complain all he want about Malta, but not surely against these two stalwarts of law, order and health. Barely five minutes had passed and both police and ambulance were on site, taking care of the girl.

I could hear her swearing in English, cursing her luck and of wanting to die. What is it that drives such young people to this distress? Such a pity, for life is beautiful if lived right. Suffice to say that this girl is a year older than my daughter, and is well known here.

A few minutes after she was picked up by the ambulance, we could hear it screaming away into the distance… and we all know that ambulances do not use a siren for nothing.

Just another sad incident at Tarxien

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