Forza JUVE!

Barely a year after the scandal which rocked Italian football , and Juventus in particular, it is time to draw some conclusions from the (still ongoing) league. As expect by those who follow Juve, the team has played really well and is in third position.

Should the ‘fairness’ that so much has been touted about materialized, Juve would have been well on the way to reclaiming what is by rights, so deserved…ie..the title crown. Instead, it has been shown clearly that what happened during the Moggi era was nothing as suspicious as the media made out. Indecent refereeing has lost Juve surely ten points, and gifted Inter as much again.

One has to just take a look at the top-scorer table to note that in the top five, there are five Juve players from the team that used to ‘win by telephone!’.

Trezeguet, Del Piero, Ibrahimovic and Mutu have, this season, scored 66 goals between them, albeit with different teams. Makes you wonder eh? So yes, Juve will go down as the most successful ‘newly-promoted-team’ ever. Had to be. And with the current form of veteran Alex Del Piero, things are looking rosier all the time.

And for us Juve fans, it doesn’t really matter where we play…our hearts are always worn on our sleeves…rigorously in black and white stripes!

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