So many things happening around us!

Haven’t updated my blog for a while, so it is about time I put up some posts. This is going to be a different post from normal.

It will definitely be longer and have three quite different subjects. I will be writing about Religion, Politics and Abuse.

Strange isn’t it? For 5 years my political instincts lie dormant, while the mere mention of the words ‘General Election’ make me give a good long look at what has been happening around us here on the island. I won’t be too far off the beaten track if I say that Labour will probably win this year’s election.

Apart from a 2 year hiatus in ’96, the Nationalist Party has ruled for the last twenty years. Looking at this lengthy dominion, Malta has changed for the better. Anyone with a sense of fairness will have to admit that things are far different than when they ascended to power all those years ago. And those two years Labour spent in governing were nothing but utter shambles.
However, I feel that after twenty years, rot starts to set in. Intoxication of Power is the name of the game here, and it has really been too long. But is it the fact that people want a change to Labour? Or simply because they are tired of seeing the same people in power for so long? I shudder to think at the way Labour spoonfeeds the people, telling ME what is right or wrong for my kids. I have brains with which I can decide for myself no? Give me the facility to choose, and I will do so with my mind.

People DO NOT want to change the government policy…people want to change the ministers and deputies. So the 8 March will see a tense affair develop on the Maltese Islands. On one hand we see the Nationalist Government which has worked so hard to introduce us to Europe and the European Currency, on the other hand we see Labour with their aspirations of simply disagreeing with the Nationalists just because that’s the way that things go. I doubt in Sant’s leadership. No…make that I do not agree with his leadership. His methods date back to the late 70s early 80s, when all we could do was shut up.

It sure as hell will be an interesting three days!

Okay, now we turn to religion. I hate organisations as a whole. And I hate organised religion the most. I cannot imagine what two thousand year old teachings have to do with this modern society of ours. I would point out that today it is Islam that I am up against. I have just seen pictures that have shaken me to the core.

An eight year old boy, neglected and hungry, stole (stole? stealing food to live!) a piece of crust from a merchant in Iran. This boy, weak as he invariably was due to malnutrition, was subsequently caught and sentenced. The punishment? Having him lie down on the ground and having a truck drive over his left arm. And the fuckers said that they took mercy on him by only crushing his left arm, since he was right-handed. This boy will remain crippled for life.

Finally back to our shores
and an act of sheer stupidity by what many presume is the FKNK. Well at least they are admitting that they were the ones to try and put things straight. Just head to the Birdlife Malta site. The gist of what happened is this. Three members of Birdlife were doing a scientific study at Buskett, when a bang was heard. The trio headed back to their vehicles, only to see them in flames. One of the men is an American, driving a vehicle with diplomatic plates.

How about that? On both websites of Birdlife and FKNK there have been threats by the so-called ‘Conservationists’, whom I consider as bullies. Obviously, hard facts are hard to come by, but everybody knows that the hunters association is hugely against control.

Hell, I have family members who were happy at this act of arson. When are these people going to learn that in this day and age there has to be change? I will be subscribing to Birdlife, and hope to play my part.

Quotes by Greenpeace follow. “Environmentalists throughout the region are shocked and alarmed to hear the news about the firebombing of wildlife volunteer’s cars. Given a history peaceful environmental campaigns, even in the face of past threats and intimidation, this violent act is a disturbing threat to Maltese civil society” stated the Director of Greenpeace Mediterranean, Mr Ahmet Bektas. “This descent to what police believe was probably a criminal attack, has no place in an EU country. It’s perpetrators stain the heritage and risk the reputation of Malta” he continued. While Greenpeace is not involved in Birdlife’s campaign to save migrating wild birds from the spring hunt, it stands together with Birdlife in its vision to peacefully defend wildlife and the environment. Mr Bektas called for rapid, decisive leadership to send a clear message to those willing to descend into violence. “At a time when Malta has so much going for it, the Prime Minister and the Opposition must find the courage and unity to immediately address the underlying issue of illegal hunting. It is incomprehensible that they should permit a small minority who flout the European Commission as well as the views of wildlife scientists and insist on their right to destructive hunting. The government of the day must join and support the view of most Maltese people and protect remaining wildlife. This will not only give a clear message that intimidation and violent methods will not be tolerated, but it will also build the country’s reputation and allow it to move on.”

2 thoughts on “So many things happening around us!

  1. LM22 is the amount I pay from my INCOME TAX…I told you to read properly. I am the sole provider in a family of 4 (two teenage daughters…ha jgennuni). Why shouldn't I pay little? And with the new tax bands I will be paying exactly Nil. Should they pass, that is. :-)Electricity and water is paid by everybody in the world…I think.Will Labour remove the surcharge? No. Definite about that. Not possible, although I applaud the effort. Unless Sant removes the surcharge and apply the charge in a per unit cost , like he did in 96.Remember that? Ah..thought not. Everybody seems to have forgotten the electricity price hike of 96.Yep, I agree with you about the cost-of-living. Way TOO expensive for us. Sometimes I wonder how a little plastic bag of groceries costs so much at the supermarkets here. The cost of living in England is FAR cheaper (il-hajja) in England. They lose out financially on insurances and health over there.I also noticed the GonziPN slant and do NOT agree with it! Is it a party or a one-man-band? Who knows? I agree with you that it should be the party.Issa naraw 9th March, ikollna r-rizultat. Fil-verita, ikolli nghid li jitla min jitla, lili mhux ha taghmilli wisq differenza. Mhux ha jimluni bid-deheb li ma nahdimx…Like I said. I believe Labour will win, and it's no big deal you know…after all, don't the labour voters all have children and wish to do the best for them as well? Little difference here in Malta actually…Cheers.

  2. As a floating voter who scans all the ballot sheet I have to say that during the last couple general elections (excluding the last local councils which I chose to abstain) gave me no option other than to give my No 1 to PN … not because I like PN's attitude ….but only because they were the only 'safe' party to get us in the EU. Yes …. I am pro EU. I strongly beleive in the Maltese people capabilites and for sure we manage to keep up with bigger more resourceful countries. So I always kept asking myself… why does the Labour party fear challenge and want us a step behind from competition?…why do we always have to be followers?….We can be leaders in our own fields of profession. Please give us space to explore and we'll conquer.Aren't we up to it? During the 2nd world war we were the most bombarded nation per square metre in the whole world…yet we survived! I might ask….why did Hitler want us so badly? If we are truly Atlantis….then let us be it!This time the political situation in Malta is different. It's the first time that we're voting to elect a government as an EU member state. Our government finally has the big brother watching over him. And the big brother is the citizen himself. We now have the power to voice ourselves, speak freely and the right to appeal to what is being ordered if this is not in line with our thoughts. Finally my tax contribution spending is being monitored…I don't mind paying taxes as long as it's used wisely.Most of the things PN and MLP are suggesting are in a way or another the same….maybe in different forms but the goal is the same…A better standard of living. So I have to admit that am still a bit undecided where to put my No 1 this time. Chosing between an arrogant PN but which through expeience delivered(although stated with caution…better late than never though…), A stubborn MLP who dictates what's best, AD who is inclided only to some of the country's issues but never considers economic and stability issues, and AD who is just business oriented (apart form being far Right) and for sure have hidden agendas….I have to say that for the benefit of the country a coalision government would be best. This would make sure that the nation's interest isn't mingled with by politician's personal interests….which unfortunately I beleive that is ingrained all of the major parties.AND FOR SURE….HAVING TO REFRAIN FROM PUBLIC HOLIDAYS FALLING ON A WEEKEND AND GIVING THEM TO MY EMPLOYER WAS A BIG BLOW BELOW THE BELT!!!!! (will keep that in mind)

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