The day after the battle.

It is the day after the band I play in, Stillborn, came head to head with the sheer power of FIRE. I am absolutely shattered, and have aches and pains in my darkest recesses of my body! Hehe…we can say that we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the evening, although to be totally honest I cannot for the life of me imagine how the fuck the judges came up with the results!

I thought mathematics was simple…but not to the management of the HRC in Baystreet. What was supposed to be an easy addition turned up completely funny and damaging.

I was also totally blown away by the lack of sensibility from two of the judges present, and while taking it sportingly, would like to add some comments in the hope of taking the mickey!

Carrie, you poor poor misguided soul. A 2/10 for originality is not only unthinkable, it is also downright insulting. 45 minutes of original material only qualifies as a 2? Oh, and the only stiff I saw on the stage yesterday was in my pants.

Lee…what were you looking at? I guess you gave us a 4 for stage presence when you were yawning at the beginning of our show and nodding off to sleep! Petrified? What the hell are you talking about? Petrified? We can hardly call the amount of people present as a crowd! We are used to playing to far more people… Again originality…we are Malta’s Evanescence? I guess Evanescence are Hollands’s Stillborn…we started before the Dutch band for sure. Anyway, it would be an honour to be accosted to such masters. But then, if you don’t like Evanescence you will hardly enjoy our style.

All in all, I enjoyed every bit of it, and would like to offer my best wishes to my friends at FIRE. A great band with a beautifully classic sound. Lee was not too happy with the blazing guys type of music…but hey they are a classic rock band..what would you expect…still they got more than us for originality!

Keep Metal!


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