On a day when I am wracked with pain and fatigue, I could not help but be moved to tears as I followed Luciano Pavarotti’s funeral on Italian television. The great tenor died on Thursday aged 71 after a long vicious battle against cancer.

His family stated that like all he did in life, he proudly battled like a lion, only succumbing when the terrible disease claimed his senses.

So who was Pavarotti to me…a hardened rocker who revelled in harsh metallic beats? That is why many of you will not understand ever the frame of mind of us rockers. We bask in musical melodies, whatever they may be. The great tenor brought to us common people the complexity of opera in a simple package, bearing the words EMOTION , HUMILITY and LOVE.

He may not have been the greatest to those in the know (or pretend to know), but to me he was the tenor who mingled with rock legends and pop stars to bring opera to the masses.

Ciao Luciano…ci mancherai!

E vincerai’!

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