A mad place to live in!

So. Saturday we will probably see a repeat of what happened last year.

That is, the audience will be having fun rocking away to the music… but as soon as the magic hour strikes eleven, we will have to pack up our amps and guitars…and make our way home. Unless as organisers we want to spend the rest of the night locked up in the local chink!

So isn’t 11 o’clock a decent time to pack it in? Hell no!

The fact is that here in Malta, our local ‘festas’, (with all the blood and sorrow they bring with them) are allowed to continue past that hour, well into the wee hours of the morning!

That’s justice for you.

Okay, got that off my chest. After the summer holidays have ground Malta practically to a halt, this week sees the last of the stragglers coming back to restart work next week. My vacation only lasted 5 days, but at least it has been quiet here in the office. With maybe just a bit more of liberty!

Keep Rocking!

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