Have your feeble soul rocked.

So here it is finally! The week we will fine-tune our music and set-list for the forthcoming festival in Marsaxlokk.

All is in order for us Stillborn, BNI, Angelcrypt and X-Vandals to rock the hell out of the sleepy seaside town. Xlukkajri prepare your ear-drums for a veritable rock feast.

Over here at Stillborn we are in a really good mood and raring to kick-ass. As if the release of our debut album ( Thy Feeble Soul … ) wasn’t enough, we are also in the process of writing new material for a second album. (I hope I can afford it!). Three new tracks from the next album will be making it to the concert, and we sincerely hope that you like them! Our new tracks take the music to a bare stripped-down essential, with more melodies and flowing solos. They are absofuckinglutely awesome.

So come on down to the quayside and enjoy a free night of rocking! Just offer us a nice cold beer and queue up to buy our album! We will be doing a signing session after the gig! At just 10Euros, you can hardly go wrong! Overseas orders are also accepted!

Keep safe..and keep METAL!


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