Long time not blogging

Haven’t blogged for some time, so here is a little post to show that I am still around. Well the heat here in Malta is searing, with high humidity levels..it is so hot it is incredible. I absolutely hate going out in daylight!

On a positive note, last Friday I was at the Farsons Beer Festival in TaQali, where once again our favourites, namely ‘FIRE’, contributed to nearly an hour’s worth or beautiful classic metal! What surprised me most was the introduction of a new cover, that of Ozzy’s ‘I never wanna stop’ from the new album…and I must say it totally rocked me away. As did all the other songs too…

Following Fire there was Frenzy Mono, who have somehow managed to put me off. I think they are great musicians and players, but their song-writing leaves me cold. Sorry guys. Unfortunately we were not in time with our application to play,so we hope to reserve our place from well beforehand next year.

Meanwhile , head over to www.stillbornmalta.com for updates on our festival on the 25th of August. BE THERE!

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