Hail Anette Olzon

The long wait is finally over. After unceremoniously offloading one of the best singers in the industry (Tarja Turunen), Nightwish have announced not only the new vocalist, but also have done it with a beautiful song dedicated to children everywhere. Anette Olzon is a new breath of fresh air. Just listen to the single and you will get the idea. Soft , melodic vocals introduce this singer from a hugely popular band that surely knows no limits. So make a wish, and it will be so!

And listening to the other 3 samples on the Nightwish web-site, it is clear to see that despite three years having passed since ‘Once’, the power is still there. God I can’t wait until September!

Meanwhile, the single EVA is available from NuclearBlast records. All proceeds are going to aiding children in third world countries. Don’t you even dare try to download it illegally!

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