I belong…

Two days now since the Champions League cup final has been done and dusted. And after Milan ran out deserved winners, a couple of scenes caught my eye. One was the salute that the Milan players gave to the Liverpool warriors as they made their way up the steps to collect the silver medal from ‘Le Roi’, my favourite Juve player ever…Michel Platini.

The second one brought tears to my eyes. Young, handsome, immensely rich and popular everywhere… and the first thing he does after winning not only this prestigious competition, but also the top scorer award? He gets down on his knees and prays. Thanking God for his love. Now that is what I call a man with guts and sense. Hail mighty Kaka’…may God’s light shine on you through your years.

Bah…and I’m not even a Milan fan. But then…honour to the victors.

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