So many music, so many emotions

So, a spate of new albums, and a surprise! Let’s start off with Dreamtheater’s offering. In my buddy Raphael’s own words , Systematic Chaos leaves you BREATHLESS! A hugely melodic album with DT’s famous progressive style. Words just dry up in the face of the onslaught by this huge band. A very good album, maybe let down a little bit by too many changes in rhythm in a track. And while that is the whole point of progressive metal, it is a bit tiring to listen to.

Another album I have been waiting for is from Vision of Atlantis. Trinity comes a good three years after Castaway, in my humble opinion,one of the best albums in metal, EVER! Period! So, how does Trinity fare up? Well, I am a bit mixed up here. I desperately want to like this album, but it is so different from their previous offering that I don’t know what to make of it. I think I will give this some time to settle before making a decision. Usually an album that takes time to settle on your ears becomes a favourite one, let’s hope that this is the case!

So! On with the next album…OZZY OZZY OZZY OZZY OZZY..ok,ok enough. you got my point. The Prince of Darkness is back with his new album ‘Black Rain’. GO OUT AND BUY IT! NOW DAMMIT! This is a STONKER of an album. So different from the last album, and so refreshingly different. I don’t think I can write an unbiased review here. Why? I have always loved Ozzy. Always. Ever since hearing Paranoid I have been addicted to his voice. The riffing of Zakk Wylde is nothing short of stupendous and his playing here reaches peaks I thought he had already reached. Ah…but does he have a ballad in there? The hell he does! ‘Here For You’ is an arena lighters-on song. But what about the rest? Nothing much to say except that the whole album is magnificent. Far better than ‘Down to Earth’. Trust me. You’ll love this one. I have naughtily downloaded the promo from the net on this album. But I have already ordered mine from copies…yes 2 copies…

So what’s the surprise? Raphael was by round my house on Thursday when he mentioned a band called called Angtoria, who have an album called ‘God has a plan for us all.’ (2006)

I am actually wiping away my tears as I write about this album. I am going out on a limb here ok? THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS I HAVE EVER HEARD. This is amazing stuff. Their debut album no less. This is up with ‘Castaway’ , ‘Once’ and ‘Heart of Everything’, to be stuck on my mp3 player forever.

The lyrics are dark, brooding and sometimes scary, with all the pent-up emotions of the song-writers etched on their sleeve. The music is flowing, melodic, orchestral and convey the meaning of the lyrics magnificently. This is obscenely beautiful and moving. The vocals are in-fucking-credible. Deeply, deeply moving!

This is an album that is not to be missed. Thank you Raphael. You have made my day today. I have been playing this album solid for two whole days now!

Once again, I am proud to be called a metalhead!

Keep metal! \m/

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