Scorpions album out!

Some time after I have listened to the RUSH album endlessly, another surprise springs forth in the shape of the mighty SCORPIONS..and what a humdinger of an album this is! Simply brilliant! Great growling guitar licks and riffs, brilliant vocal tunes, drumming and bass-work. But what really distinguishes the Scorps from other bands is their song-writing. Jesus Jesus what an album. I thought that the last effort, Unbreakable was great… but this is something else!!! Get this at once!

And Joy of Joys, the masters of progressive (after RUSH) , the absolutely fantastic DREAMTHEATER have just released their new album for 2007. Systematic Chaos is the title, and obviously I have put an order.. can’t wait till I get it! Knowing the Dream, it will be massive, although I felt that with Octavarium, they could go no higher. What an album that was!

On the Stillborn front, all is err…..still…changes to the line-up seem imminent again, just as we have practiced relentlessly and getting ready to go live again… any pianists reading this? We simply cannot delay the album any more though, and it seems that as soon as we have the cds we will go ahead and launch.

Keep Metal \m/

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