Snakes and Arrows

Hurrah! Snakes and Arrows, the new album from RUSH, is finally here and thumping on my home stereo system. And what an album this is. Straight from the catchy ‘Far Cry’ right through ‘The Main Monkey Business’ and on to ‘The Way the wind blows’, this is an album that you will stick in your player and glue the drawer!

For three guys to make such an awesome sound is nothing short of amazing. Rush have always had a strong song-writing tradition, and their instrumental hits are really grand. Who can’t remember YYZ and La Villa Strangiato? Well in this album we have ‘The Main Monkey Business’ which is simply awesome.

So for the moment I am savouring the music before writing a more in-depth review. Let’s see how long the good feeling lasts.

Meanwhile I have heard that Rush will be touring the UK in October…now that’s a thought to ponder.


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