Kicked out again…

It’s been a bitter sweet match result for me. First of all, I am NOT a Man.Utd. fan…. far from it. First and foremost I am a Juventus supporter, with Spurs coming a distant second place. But in all honesty I wanted United to win the tie against Milan yesterday for financial reasons. You see, back in August last year I placed a small 10Euro bet on United winning the Premier AND the Champions League. Damn…would have made a really nice return on my investment at that early stage.

So before the match last night, my footballing buddies Jonathan and Joseph were banging on my front door. As usual we had our usual popcorn, snacks, pizza, and of course wine… all cholesterol free of course…ahem… anyway, I guess the snacks didn’t go down a treat this week as there was still a half-bottle of wine left as the guys made their way home. So I just did it justice…mmmmm.

There was obviously a lot of ribbing going on at work this morning, all in good nature obviously… or was it? I dare not tangle with Joseph. He’s built like Schwarzenneger in his prime!

Until next time…keep safe


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