Requiem for a dream

Sunday today, so it is time for a rest for my poor tired back from all the rigours of the past week. Why have I named this post ‘Requiem for a dream?’…simple actually.

Me, Raphael and Jade were doing some band practice yesterday when Jade started to play this beautiful haunting theme on her synth. It didn’t take Raphael too long to start playing some heavy riffs alongside. After a few moments to suss out the the chords for the song, we started jamming along with Jade, and produced this little gem that I have linked to :here: (the file is 2.4Mb) .

Fortunately I had my trusty HP PDA with me, and I recorded it on to the device. I didn’t think it would sound this nice, but it is just right. Still a garage recording obviously, but free from distortion.

You know what? This little number could make a nice four minute filler in our set. So simple, just three chords really, and so moving and satisfying to play. It is taken from the film bearing the same name as the title, on the evil of drugs and what harm they cause. I saw the movie lately. It is so shocking and ultimately believable. So sad . . . my advice? Steer clear of drugs.

Drugs are for mugs!

Keep safe and keep metal \m/

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