Yep..well worth the asking price

Well of course I had tried my new BC Rich at home, but to tell the truth, nothing beats a balls-to-the-wall heavy session in a small garage to appreciate the real wall of sound that this guitar emits. Jesus wept! I had to keep the amplifier down to a bare minimum so as not to have my ears scorched by the deep booming emanating from the pickups. So yes, it was well worth the price. Now if we can only start to write new material. I know we have it in us!

On an even more positive note, regarding my very bad health issues, things seem to be moving on quite well. The reason? New medication in the form of VERY expensive injections, along with methotrexate pills, are enabling me to be myself again. Yes, I am back…but I am also totally new. This is an incredibly moving moment for me and my family, who has had to suffer from the consequences of my illness. The damage has been unfortunately done, but the medication will help to not only soothe the pain, but even slowly build on the damaged joint I have. In all probability, I will have to take these (self-administered) injections until the day I close my eyes forever…but hey…who knows when that moment will be?

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