Barely 5 days have passed since it was sent out from the nice guys (grovel grovel) at and my nice new shiny BC Rich is already hanging from its post next to my Fender replica baby. What a sight for sore eyes they make as I gaze at their splendour! And what incredible value for a highly crafted instrument. Dreamy chrome fittings and solid black glossy paint adorn a simple but beautiful slightly arched-top bass guitar. The pic below shows it on the right, next to my trusty Skylark.

Okay, so what about the sound? Hell it is already loud by itself, let alone plugged into an amplifier. And the playability…wow..that’s why a well-crafted instrument will always bring out the best of you. With trepidation I tried it out to the beautiful bass-line of ‘Sultans of Swing’ , and . . . . and it plays beautifully!!!

I actually wasn’t home when the guitar arrived by van. My crafty wife and kids didn’t say anything to me as I headed to the computer room and let out a scream of delight as I saw the huge tightly packed box next to the sofa! So thanks to the guys at for their fast delivery and amazing prices. Give them a try! Extremely helpful guys…Full Marks!

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