Stillborn are back!

Well for the last 6 months I have been living a different dream. After some silence, I thought it best to own up. I was invited to provide bass playing for fun with a friend and friend of his. Well it turned out that these two guys were part of a band called Stillborn, of which I am a fan. Things started very well. What we didn’t know was whether this was a side-project to the band,but then we had the singer back, followed by the drummer! Well , I invited Jade, an incredibly talented keyboard player, and suddenly Stillborn are re-born!

Next thing we know we are practicing the long lost Stillborn album! It has been a brilliant 6 months, and we need to cap it up with a good show to promote and launch the album.

It has brilliant guitar work and incredibly deep vocals. I am amazed still today at the depth of song-writing and execution! And now we are working on new songs…The new stuff is lighter, not so dark and brooding, but fantastic material just the same.

Watch this space for further info!

Meanwhile you can watch us on

Thanks for watching…the rollercoaster continues on its journey!

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