The water can’t extinguish the FIRE!

Once again I am writing down my thoughts after another FIRE gig…. it is , however well past midnight, I am tired , my bad back is playing up again , and the little movie clip I am doing is taking ages to render… so I will just promise to write up not only the review tomorrow, but set-up the video on my server so that fans can download it… after permission from the band obviously.

Meanwhile here’s a pic to whet your appetite. As usual, the band pulled in a sizeable crowd despite the less than satisfactory day (Thursday! My daughter was livid with anger and disappointment), and of course the inclement weather, which put off quite a number of people…

Apologies for the lack of quality, both on the pictures and the clips to follow. (since my SONY got busted , I have had to make do with a super disappointing noisy , low-res-video Canon. Do yourself a favour… shoot yourself before buying a Canon!)

Keep Metal ! \m/

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