World Cup fever

Finally it is here. I have waited so long for this to arrive. As a football fanatic I cannot be but overjoyed that we will be having 30 glorious days of football daily. So I will be blogging the matches the day after they have been played. It will not be a technical view of course, but rather the way I have seen the matches. Chin up mates and may the best team win…

Of course Brasil will be the favourites. Why? Simply because they enjoy the game so much. You can see the Italians putting in a good show, but since they are notoriously slow starters, they will have to sruggle to win their group, which means they would evade Brasil and probably come up against the hard-nuts of Croatia. Surely these two groups have been drawn rather harshly. But that is the luck of the draw.

Some groups have such easy matches that it is astonishing ow that could happen. But as happens with every lottery, it is not what you wish for.

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