Here we go again!

Following a really good diet and exercise regimen that I implemented last year, I lost quite a bit of weight. However the back problems that I have had meant that I simply had to reduce the amount of hours of exercise that I could put in. The fact that the medication required a certain amount of food to go with it, for safety reasons, meant also that I have slowly started to put in those little extra pounds here and there.

Coupled with the heat this summer is already bringing with it, I have neglected a bit of my training.

When I started in March last year I was at an all high 135kg…by the end of July I was at 109kg, and managed to see the double-digits on my scales on Xmas day. On the 25th I saw 99.8…which is the lowest I have been for years..the next day I was up at 100.6 again though.. Unfortunately with the lack of training, I have crept up to 103.6kg…and it shows. I can say that when I was at 109 I was slimmer..Why? Because I had loads of muscles on my arms, chest and legs. Now I fear thay are breaking down.

So where is this bringing us? I will be setting a new goal which I would like to reach by the end of July. And that is to see the 99-100kg figure regularly, not just a flash in the pan. How will this be done? First the amount is a meagre 4kg in 8 weeks…so that is around a pound a week…hardly difficult….AH! I say…’tis the season of beer..and of the World Cup. Thankfully there will be an hour’s break between each of the three matches, which I will use to put in a cardio workout in the first session , and then a weight session between the second and third match. I might turn it the other way round since between 8pm and 9pm the weather will be far cooler for a run.

And lay off the ‘bad’ food..especially carbs. I will try to take these only in the morning. Hmm….I think that bread,butter,pasta…these must be really reduced. And none in the afternoons.How am I going to live? Protein, coupled with loads of fibre.

Finally the back problems seem to be easing up a bit, thank God.

Date:24th May 06 Weight 103.6kg

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