Summer is in!

Well, summer has really started with a bang here in Malta. Time to head for the beach! The mercury has been hitting the 35Celsius mark for over 3 days in a row now. As one can imagine, the heat is incredible. The humidity doesn’t help a lot either. So it’s up to Mellieha for nice long nights by the sea. Well a lot of friends have been asking how I am doing with therapy. Thankfully things have improved a LOT since starting out. Thanks Luke! Much appreciated! Although I did promise him that once I am back to normal, I will happily throw him over the balcony into the pool. Alas..I have to take a ticket and wait my turn!

So, with just a few months of therapy left, I just have to take it easy and my health will come back!

Oh..and for those of you who sent me email about LORDI…I don’t really care about all the other pop songs. they were crap anyway! I’m a metal lover, how else would I vote?

I suggest that anybody not understanding the power and faith that is heavy metal should see this documentary. It might not make you fans of the genre, but you will get a better understanding of what is, what should be, and what not to expect…

Take Care! And be happy with what you have!

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