Back to basics!

As most of my friends know, I am suffering extremely badly from a crippling back pain which is reducing my waking hours to pain-filled days. It’s not the first time I am in bed by 6pm to alleviate the pain. Thankfully, when I walk the pain subsides, so I am doing long walks with my trusty Creative Zen…no iPods for me thank you. The 13th of February will see whether an operation will be necessary to fix the faulty disc…..hmm….I have loads of those! CDs right? Yup!

Hehe…my wife has a really bad throat today and is totally voiceless…ahh…..bliss…just kidding. Can’t bear to see her so out of order.

Since it is Saturday today, I will be resting easy in knowing that 2 days of quiet will suit me just right!

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