Stuff for re-location…

Trampoline : Blue trampoline, practically new. 30Euros

Black BC Rich Guitar : BC RICH Bass. Excellent Quality. 120Euros

Black Marshall Guitar : Great electric guitar. As new. 70Euros

Red Skylark Guitar. : Restoration progress, no time. 50Euros

Sofa Bed grey : Steel NEW Sofa bed. 2metres : 60Euros

19inch monitor : FLAT CRT. Ideal for working place, or garage. 15Euros

commodore amiga : Working Amiga 1200 with Hard Disk 100Euros

casette deck : Fisher, working 15Euros

NAD 60 amplifier : HUGE sound. Stereo only. 50Euros

Thompson 5.1 amp : needs small speakers. 40Euros

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